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"Arriving off the Virginia Capes in the late summer or early fall of 1717, the two pirates found it necessary to clean the fouled hulls of their ships. Selecting an isolated backwater of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, the vessels were careened and again made ready for sea. On September 29th they fell in with, attacked, and captured the Virginia sloop Betty near Cape Charles."

Thus an excerpt from the book “Pirates on the Chesapeake ", by Donald G. Shomette, and his writings on Teach and Hornigold. Teach being Captain Edward Teach, the most feared and legendary buccaneer in the history of piracy. While his name, and the spelling of it, is not really known, there were claims that he was the son of an Eastern Shore family from Accomack County just up the road from Cape Charles. Whatever the case, we all know him as Blackbeard. Captain Benjamin Hornigold was said to be the fiercest and ablest leader in the Bahamas. Blackbeard was mentored by Hornigold, and together they plundered and scuttled many a craft up and down the Chesapeake Bay.

With this bit of history I welcome you, the visitor, to our website of the Cape Charles Yacht Club. While plundering and scuttling are long past memories here on the Eastern Shore, the wonderful backwaters, harbors and marinas that line the north and south of Cape Charles town proper still remain a prize for any modern day pirate to explore after a reach across the Bay.

It is very true that the Cape Charles Yacht Club was not founded upon such dubious tasks as our two pirates noted above, but a gathering of two or more boats at anchor or in a harbor will quickly produce stories of the sea, and entreaties of harbors that are a must see for our own modern day notion of plundering and pillaging.

If you have found your way to this site, then you must have heard about, or already have explored, Cape Charles by water. Maybe you are a “been”, “come”, or “stay” here who simply enjoys the camaraderie of other sailors. It is with this in mind that the Cape Charles Yacht Club was founded in mid-2012 for the purpose of encouraging and supporting yachting in Cape Charles and the surrounding waters; promoting social and recreational fellowship among boaters in Cape Charles; and advocating safety, boating education and etiquette, and responsible marine stewardship. If these things resonate within you, too, then I would invite you to join the ranks of our growing membership and become part of the Cape Charles Yacht Club family. You’ll not find a more hospitable group of sailors anywhere else on the Bay. Please visit our membership page for full details, or contact one of the flag officers with any questions that you may have.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to see you in the harbor soon.

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